Amos Pewter Compass Rose Ornament

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The compass rose is known as the "rose of the winds", offering safe passage to seafarers travelling near and far as they embark on a new journey and adventure. The points of the compass represent the many directions of the wind and remind us to set a direction, stay the course through smooth and stormy sailing, and to celebrate our arrival at each journey's end.

Amos Pewter has beautifully captured the compass rose in this hand poured ornament that's perfect for gift giving or adorning your own home, boat or vehicle with. The ornament measures 3 inches in diameter and has been trimmed with a burgundy ribbon.

Amos Pewter is a maritime company that was founded in 1974, whose artisans are proud to be keepers of time-honored pewter practices and methods, while at the same time offering innovative designs inspired by nature and our beautiful coastal surroundings.