Locally Made Products by Lullaby Lights!

Posted by Janet MacIsaac on 21st Oct 2018

We wanted to introduce you to a wonderful company called Lullaby Lights, who are a two family company based out of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. They design and create the most wonderful light up bottles and boxes - we are proud to carry some styles in our store! 

Their charming light up bottles are sandblasted and drilled by hand and can be decorated with different styles and colours to make each one unique. We currently carry the bluenose bottle, which can be found online here: 


We love their light up boxes, which are entirely sourced, designed and crafted by Lullaby Lights themselves. The wood for the boxes is poplar, which has been milled on family property in New Brunswick. It is then shaped, sanded and finished by hand. The glass inserts for the boxes are interchangeable and can be customized to suit your individual needs and taste. We have some beautiful boxes both in store and online that feature both the original Bluenose (with photo reprints taken by W.R MacAskill) and the Bluenose II. 


For more information on Lullaby Lights, please read their story and view their products here: